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#14: Show Up and Win

“Victory favours those who keep showing up” – Peter Isaac Harley


In the heart of Cloetesville, a vibrant tapestry of life unfolded against the backdrop of Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Here, working-class families embraced the daily dance of existence, weaving threads of tradition and kinship into the very fabric of their community.


In one such modest home lived the Mabaso family. Nandi, a dedicated nurse, and her husband Thabo, a skilled artisan, found joy in their little haven amid the daily grind. Their quaint dwelling echoed with the laughter of their children, Tumi and Sipho, a testament to the enduring spirit of family amidst the challenges of life.


Yet, as the sun dipped low over the horizon, casting long shadows across Cloetesville, a subtle tension lingered within the Mabaso household. The clamor of daily life had forged a symphony of thoughts, both positive and negative, in the minds of its inhabitants.


One evening, as the aroma of a hearty potjie stew filled the air, Thabo gathered his family around the table. He could sense the weight of unspoken thoughts hanging in the room, threatening to disrupt the harmony they had built.


"I've been thinking," he began, his eyes reflecting a wisdom born of experience. "Our thoughts, they shape our reality. We're the architects of our own happiness."


Nandi nodded in agreement, recognizing the truth in her husband's words. The family decided to embark on a journey of self-awareness, exploring the idea that thoughts were but fleeting whispers carried on the wind of their senses.


As the days passed, the Mabaso family learned to distinguish between the positive and negative thoughts that permeated their minds. They discovered that, all too often, the negative thoughts were like pebbles in their shoes—irritating, distracting, and ultimately hindering their journey.


Through shared conversations and moments of introspection, the Mabaso family found a simple solution to this complex problem: letting go. They realized that by releasing the negative thoughts, they could free themselves from the chains that bound them to their subconscious fears and anxieties.


Word of the Mabaso family's transformation spread through Cloetesville like wildfire. Inspired by their example, neighbors and friends began to understand the power they held over their thoughts and emotions.


The vibrant suburb underwent a metamorphosis. The once-muted colors of negativity gave way to the kaleidoscope of positivity. Families, colleagues, and the general public started to shed the burden of exaggerated negativity, realizing that victory favored those who chose to show up, not only physically but mentally.


As the community embraced the simple act of letting go, a palpable calmness settled over Cloetesville. The streets, once bustling with the noise of unchecked thoughts, now echoed with the melody of inner peace.


The Mabaso family, having mastered the art of letting go, radiated an aura of tranquility that transcended the external challenges of their environment. They had become the architects of their own joy, proving that the true victory lay in the conscious management of thoughts and emotions.


Cloetesville, once ensnared in a cycle of negativity, had found a path to liberation. The lesson echoed through the colorful streets: in letting go, one discovered the power to shape not only their inner happiness but also the vibrant tapestry of their shared existence.


Disclaimer: This information is created with the assistance of AI tools. Any resemblance to actual events, persons, or entities is purely coincidental. All rights to this work are free, and all parts may be reproduced without prior written permission.

© [2023] [Peter Isaac Harley / Harley Corporation]

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