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By Bravery and Faith

So what inspired me to write and commission this book? I wanted a memory to hold onto when my Dad is walked home.


I want my children & their children's children to read about their grandparents and great grandparents. This experience has been more than writing a memoir and leaving a history behind. It was a new chance for Lloyd Burton Harley, Neisha-Anne Harley and me to connect with our father.


The joy we experienced going through old photographs and old memories.


The nostalgia was like nectar to our souls, a warm blanket, a bedtime story, biscuits in the oven, a soothing hand over a scraped knee and a hug after a broken teenager heart.

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Afflicted: Journal of an Addict

At 28, weighing 40 kilograms Peter Harley was ready to die. A devastating drug and alcohol addiction that had started when he was 13 had brought him to this point.

He made a decision to get clean, and to fight for his life.


His unique perspective as a high-functioning addict may be helpful to anyone who is still an addict or is recovering from the aftermath of their affliction.


He is a warning for anyone who is considering going down the death road of drugs and alcohol.

Broken promises, broken dreams and broken lives are strewn in the wake of Peter's affliction.


He has spent the last 20 years trying to redeem himself. He is still on that journey.

This book is part of that redemption. It's a part survival guide, part memoir and part cautionary tale.


He imparts a particular wisdom gained from his experience that can help anyone afflicted by addiction.


If you want to change your life for the better and have the courage to read this book, what is seen will not be able to be unseen.

It has a very clear mandate: Either take responsibility for your healing or don't. Only you are the master of your destiny.


Make the right choice. It's only up to you.

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Hunting the past

Hunting the Past is a cautionary tale about how I became unmoored and got up to all sorts of mischief which led me down the road of drugs, alcohol and sex. The story communicates a friendship and divine intervention – spared for a purpose. I've been led to put down this short piece of text to help me navigate what got me from there to here. Perhaps this dialogue will in some way help spark something in you so that you too can navigate some of the challenges that you face as well.



This profound book will show you


• God uses broken things

• We are all on this earthly journey for a purpose

• God has gifted and entrusted us with his blessing

• You are the job.


Discover the secret for yourself and learn from this cautionary tale how that every time we work on something about ourselves that we don't like, we start to heal.

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